Sapient Press News

September 1, 2014

First Edition of IJTELL is Online!

Sapient Press published the first edition of the International Journal of Teaching, Education and Language Learning (IJTELL) in August. The first edition contains three articles regarding plagiarism, grade distribution and training methods. The next edition is expected out in December of 2014.

The International Journal of Teaching, Education and Language Learning (IJTELL) was founded in 2014 by Todd Jobbitt in conjunction with Sapient Press. IJTELL is a broad-scope journal that publishes articles, book reviews, and teaching techniques, with manuscript submissions undergoing double-blind peer review. The journal underpins Jobbitts beliefs about professional development by especially helping unpublished professionals and those new to the field of academic research publishing. Overall, IJTELL has become a labor of love.

Sapient Press is an American-based publisher of peer reviewed academic journals that covers a broad range of business, economics and other social science related disciplines as well as offers conferences organized to facilitate the sharing of collective research.