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January 14, 2016

Editors' Choice Awards for 2016!

Sapient Press is proud to announce the winners of its second annual Editor Awards that are given to the best research articles in the categories of Business and Education. The articles receiving these awards had been published in a Sapient Press journal in 2015 and were chosen based on the excellence displayed in the research.

In the Business category, the author selected by the editors is Dr. Kwangsoo Kim who wrote "An Exploratory Study on the Relationship between the Level of Competitive Intelligence and its Antecedents and Outcomes" in the Special Winter Issue (2015/2016) of the International Journal of Knowledge and Innovation in Business (IJKIB) in December of 2015. This article explored how antecedents relate to the level of competitive intelligence (CI) and how the level of CI relates to outcomes.

The second award winning author, representing the Education category, is Shaun Manning. His article, "The Positive Role of Writing in Speaking Tasks: The Case of Values Clarification Tasks", was published in the fourth edition of volume two of the International Journal of Teaching, Education and Language Learning (IJTELL) in November of 2015. This study investigated two opinion-gap tasks, the group discussion (GD) and the values clarification (VC) tasks to see if the changed structure of the VC task, one that involved speech-then writing, could prompt more incidental focus to grammar and provide a means for teachers to incorporate both language and grammar into more tasks that are more appealing to students.

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