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News 2014

Sapient Press is proud to announce the winners of its first annual Editor Awards that are given to the best research articles in the categories of Business and Education. The articles receiving these awards had been published in a Sapient Press journal in 2014 and were chosen based on the excellence displayed in the research.

In the Business category, the author selected by the editors is Soojin Kim who wrote “Reforming Korea’s Migration Policy” in the first edition of the International Journal of Knowledge and Innovation in Business (IJKIB) in February of 2014. This article discussed the current migration policies of the Korean government and provided related solutions to current and future issues facing the nation.

The second award winning author, representing the Education category, is Scott Smith. His article, “Identity and Second Language Learning: Meaning and Implications for Practice”, was published in the second edition of volume one of the International Journal of Teaching, Education and Language Learning (IJTELL) in November of 2014. This article examined the topic of identity and second language learning, including what it entails and the implications for classroom practice.

Sapient Press is an American-based publisher of peer reviewed academic journals that covers a broad range of business, economics and other social science related disciplines as well as offers conferences organized to facilitate the sharing of collective research.