Sapient Press International Business and Management Conferences

The International Business and Management Conferences, hosted by Sapient Press, are geared towards providing the global academic community an opportunity to exchange our collective knowledge, perspectives and experience on a broad range of business, economics and other social science related disciplines.

For the upcoming conferences, please see the following:

2015 International Business and Management Summer Conference

August 2015 in Busan, South Korea
The 2015 Summer Conference will be held in Busan, South Korea from August 21-22, 2015. In addition to the main conference, there will also be an accompanying Internet Session.

Conference Benefits

Refereed Conference Proceedings
Publishing in the conference's Refereed Conference Proceedings is free to paid conference attendees. The ISSN listed proceedings are published in either online or CD formats by Sapient Press.

Journal Publication Opportunities
The International Business and Management Conference is affiliated with several peer-reviewed journals published by Sapient Press. The currently associated journals are the International Journal of Knowledge and Innovation in Business (IJKIB) and the International Journal of Business Knowledge and Innovation in Practice (IJBKIP).

More information on the journals, distribution, indexing and ranking can be found here.

The International Business and Management Conference welcomes papers in: Accounting, Education, International Trade, Strategic Management, Accreditation, Emerging Markets, Investments, Supply Chain Management, Advertising, Entrepreneurship, Labor Economics, Sustainable Tourism, AgriBusiness, Ethics, Logistics, Taxation, Finance Macroeconomics, Teaching Techniques & Methods, Auditing, Financial Accounting, Microeconomics, Tenure and Promotion, Banking, Financial Economics, Management, Tourism, Behavioral Finance, Financial Management, Management Info. Systems, Trade, Branding, Financial Markets, Managerial Accounting, Business Education, Financial Planning, Marketing, Business Law, Firm Governance, Marketing Research, Capital Markets, Forensic Accounting, Merchandizing, Consumer Behavior, Globalization, Operations Management, Corporate Finance, Healthcare Administration, Options and Futures, Curriculum, Higher Education Administration, Personal Finance, Human Resource Management, Promotion, E-Commerce, Information Technology, Public Administration, Econometrics, Insurance, Real Estate, Research Methods, Eco-Tourism International Finance, Statistics.